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You can never have enough knowledge of the scrap catalytic converter industry. PMR can provide you with amazing tools, which in turn give you the ability to buy and sell scrap catalytic converters at the right price! If you are buying and selling catalytic converters, let us help you succeed.

We have spent the last 15 years building a data base with assay results for more than 15,000 different catalytic converters. We offer a mobile application with “real time” scrap catalytic converter values, allowing you to see your expected refined return on any given converter. Now you can buy and sell catalytic converters more confidently than ever.

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PMR has invested massively with ground breaking industrial catalytic converter recycling technology that enables the treatment of any load size, processed and assayed in 10 business days or less. Whether you’re the leading catalytic converter buyer in the country or a local automotive recycler, you’ll benefit from the same outstanding and efficient PMR service.

PMR Catalytic Converter Recycling is consistently innovating and looking to the future of the scrap catalytic converter industry. That is why PMR is attracting and retaining new suppliers every day. We offer our suppliers practical tools that provide the real refined value of scrap converters before they are even shipped to us for refining. Having insight to the actual market value of your inventory is a critical key to profit management.

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